Corporate design, UI Design
Jannes Daur
To bring fairy tales and stories to life through oral storytelling is a tradition as old as humanity itself. Stories have been passed down through generations via spoken word, from mouth to ear, since time immemorial. Converting spoken words into images, letting the imagination run wild, leaning back, relaxing, dreaming, reviving the “Kino im Kopf” (cinema in the mind).    
As part of an annual storytelling festival, I designed a logo and a corresponding, yet independent, app for all devices.


The visual identity comprises simple geometric shapes: the square, triangle, circle, and semicircle. These shapes also form the logo, a film camera within the head of a smiling face. The covers of the audiobooks are likewise composed of these geometric shapes in various sizes, culminating in an 8 x 8 grid to create the appropriate image. This results in a cohesive look that extends throughout the entire event and application.

Sieben Zwerge (Seven dwarves)

Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood)

Hänsel & Gretel

Sieben Raben (Seven ravens)

Prinzessin auf der Erbse (Princess and the pea)

User Story

To illustrate the functionality of “Kino im Kopf” (cinema in the mind), a user story was created. This story spans across all devices and addresses each feature individually.

Smartphone Application

The emphasis here was on presenting basic functions. The login, content search, and playback in the player were highlighted. In the user story, the user is called and needs to go to work; on the way there, she continues listening through her smartwatch...

Smartwatch Application

You can continue listening on the smartwatch when you are on the move. The important functions of the player, such as rewinding if you have not understood something, are just as available as saving to the library.

Tablet Application

Other users can also listen to other people's content. All they have to do is scan the unique cover and they can listen to the same audiobooks.

Desktop Application

The platform not only invites you to listen, you can also read aloud yourself and livestream, film or record the audio only. Readers can also create a cover to present their content appropriately.

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