Data graphic
Jannes Daur

One of the most important components of electric vehicles is the battery. Its origin, the controversial raw materials it consists of, questions about its sustainability, and other aspects of its lifecycle are addressed in this data graphic.

Data was collected for this purpose, which can be applied to create diagrams representing the various stages of an electric car battery's lifecycle. The different types of diagrams, as well as graphical 3-dimensional elements, are kept minimal to create a cohesive and understandable image.

Raw materials

Here you can see two of the four most important raw materials in a battery. In addition to a picture of the raw material and a brief description, other interesting facts are listed below.

Cross section

To make the structure of a battery easier to understand, it was broken down into a kind of cross-section down to the smallest detail, i.e. down to each lithium-ion battery.

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